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  2. Chromosomal regions associated with segregation distortion in the Brassica A and C genomes

    Hughes, D. & King, G., 2012, (In preparation) In: TAG: Theoretical and Applied Genetics.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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  4. Entry in progress

    Development of a hypermobility training programme for physical education teachers

    Simmonds, J., Hickman, J., Beeton, K., Keer, R. & Grahame, R., 2012, (In preparation).

    Research output: Working paper

  5. Entry in progress

    Perceptions of Hypermobility and Hypermobility Syndrome amongst paediatric physiotherapists

    Billings, S., Deane, J., Bartholomew, J. & Simmonds, J., 2012, (In preparation).

    Research output: Working paper