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  1. 2015
  2. Why healthcare workers are sick of TB

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  3. Towards host-directed therapies for tuberculosis

    Zumla, A., Maeurer, M., Chakaya, J., Hoelscher, M., Ntoumi, F., Rustomjee, R., Vilaplana, C., Yeboah-Manu, D., Rasolof, V., Munderi, P., Singh, N., Aklillu, E., Padayatchi, N., Macete, E., Kapata, N., Mulenga, M., Kibiki, G., Mfinanga, S., Nyirenda, T., Maboko, L. & 31 others, Garcia-Basteiro, A., Rakotosamimanana, N., Bates, M., Mwaba, P., Reither, K., Gagneux, S., Edwards, S., Mfinanga, E., Abdulla, S., Cardona, P-J., Russell, J. B. W., Gant, V., Noursadeghi, M., Elkington, P., Bonnet, M., Menendez, C., Dieye, T. N., Diarra, B., Maiga, A., Aseffa, A., Parida, S., Wejse, C., Petersen, E., Kaleebu, P., Oliver, M., Craig, G., Corrah, T., Tientcheu, L., Antonio, M., Rao, M. & Host-Directed Therapies Network, 17 Jul 2015, In : Nature reviews. Drug discovery. 14, 8, p. 511-2 2 p.

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  4. Varying Responses to Antithrombotic Treatment by Race/Ethnicity

    Jeong, Y-H., Gorog, D. A. & Kim, J. S., 11 Aug 2015, In : JAMA. 314, 6, p. 624-5 2 p.

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  5. NHS ethics: Shoe-bombers and why ‘less needs to be more'

    Jansari, A., Cocchini, G., Jenkinson, P., Bajo, A. & Ietswaart, M., Oct 2015, In : Cortex. 71, p. 409-411

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  6. 'Chunks, schemata and retrieval structures: Past and current computational models

    Gobet, F., Lane, P. & Lloyd-Kelly, M., 24 Nov 2015, In : Frontiers in Psychology. 6, 4 p., 1785.

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