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Towards an extended/higher correspondence -- Generalised geometry, bundle gerbes and global Double Field Theory

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Original languageEnglish
Number of pages30
JournalComplex Manifolds
IssueSpecial Issue "Generalized Geometry"
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 30 Sep 2021


In this short paper, we will review the proposal of a correspondence between the doubled geometry of Double Field Theory and the higher geometry of bundle gerbes. Double Field Theory is T-duality covariant formulation of the supergravity limit of String Theory, which generalises Kaluza-Klein theory by unifying metric and Kalb-Ramond field on a doubled-dimensional space. In light of the proposed correspondence, this doubled geometry is interpreted as an atlas description of the higher geometry of bundle gerbes. In this sense, Double Field Theory can be interpreted as a field theory living on the total space of the bundle gerbe, just like Kaluza-Klein theory is set on the total space of a principal bundle. This correspondence provides a higher geometric interpretation for para-Hermitian geometry which opens the door to its generalisation to the other Extended Field Theories. This review is based on, but not limited to, my talk at the workshop Generalized Geometry and Applications at Universit\"at Hamburg on 3rd of March 2020.


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